Armored turrets

Peculiarities of work
Prices and delivery times of equipment are determined on the basis of the customer's technical assignment
We develop design and process documentation
We carry out tests in accordance with customer product requirements
Complete set, materials, product characteristics are carried out strictly according to the TA
Scope of application
Commercial offer
Bulletproof capacity
Br1, Br2, Br3, Br4, Br5
as per GOST R 51112-97
Explosion resistance
Provides protection against overpressure
when detonating a charge weighing 500 grams or more of TNT in as per GOST R 50941-2017
Service life
Up to 20 years
Armored turret is designed for shelter and use in physical protection of special facilities.
Armored turret is an all-welded bullet-resistant structure and serves to protect employees inside it from rifle damage and grenade fragments. Provides 360-degree surveillance.
Basic set:
  • glass (clear dimension 450х150N) – 6 pcs;
  • loopholes for firing – 6 pcs;
  • door with a lock, a latch on the inside — 1 pc.
Optional equipment:
  • lighting luminaire;
  • flood-light luminaire;
  • supply-exhaust ventilation;
  • intruder alarm;
  • one-way communication phone.
Outer coating:
  • RAL-color polymer-powder coating;
  • two-component liquid paints.
Interior finish:
  • RAL-color polymer-powder coating;
  • two-component liquid paints;
  • anti-ricochet wooden cover, impregnated with bio-based flame retardant.
Can be custom-made according to the Customer's technical assignment.


Quality control at each stage of production

Explosion resistance test 1
Explosion resistance test 2

Due to a multi-stage system of equipment production control, we produce quality products and fulfill our obligations in a timely manner.

The structure of our company has a dedicated department of licensing and certification of products, so you can be sure that our products comply with all codes and standards.

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Quality control at each stage of production

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