Doors, gates, hatches

Peculiarities of work
Prices and delivery times of equipment are determined on the basis of the customer's technical assignment
We develop design and process documentation
We carry out tests in accordance with customer product requirements
Complete set, materials, product characteristics are carried out strictly according to the TA
Scope of application
Commercial offer
Doors, hatches and gates are elements of building structures that are responsible for filling openings in walls and floors, they are:
  • indoor or outdoor;
  • left or right opening;
  • single or double leaf.
Basic requirements for nuclear power plant equipment:
  • increased reliability;
  • long service life;
  • ability to perform functions related to safety in all modes of operation of NPP, including in the mode of deviation from normal operation.
Main protective functions of doors, hatches and gates for NPP:
  • protection of rooms and people in case of fire, from the effects of elevated temperatures, flames and sparks, toxic products of combustion, thermal decomposition and smoke;
  • protection against unauthorized access to buildings and premises;
  • protection of the interior of the building from the environment;
  • protection against the effects of an air-shock wave;
  • protection of personnel and the environment from exposure to radioactive substances and ionizing radiation;
  • protection of premises and personnel in case of emergency and extraordinary situations.
Based on the above functions, OOO Firma Tehzaschita offers you the following types of doors, hatches and gates:
  • physically protected;
  • sealed;
  • fire protected;
  • tamper-resistant;
  • resistant to air-shock wave;
  • with radiation shielding;
  • radiation-resistant;
  • seismic-resistant.
The design of our doors, hatches and gates meets all the requirements of effective regulations, including Federal Rules and Regulations in the field of nuclear energy use.


Quality control at each stage of production

Explosion resistance test 1
Explosion resistance test 2

Due to a multi-stage system of equipment production control, we produce quality products and fulfill our obligations in a timely manner.

The structure of our company has a dedicated department of licensing and certification of products, so you can be sure that our products comply with all codes and standards.

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Quality control at each stage of production

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