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Non-standard equipment

Peculiarities of work
Prices and delivery times of equipment are determined on the basis of the customer's technical assignment
We develop design and process documentation
We carry out tests in accordance with customer product requirements
Complete set, materials, product characteristics are carried out strictly according to the TA
Scope of application
Commercial offer
OOO Firma Tehzaschita is a manufacturer that produces non-standard equipment for all areas of industry.
The scope of application of non-standard equipment is the creation of automated lines or any elements that provide non-standard production processes of the Customer and tailored to specific production areas.
How we work:
1. Engineering center of our company:
  • will make an estimate of your custom order;
  • will develop a draft design, equipment flowchart;
  • will prepare a draft proposal.
2. The design department will release a complete set of design and process documentation:
  • drawings;
  • calculations;
  • passports;
  • repair documentation;
  • operating manual;
  • test programs and procedures according to the approved Technical Assignment.
3. Production department:
  • will develop the necessary manufacturing processes;
  • will select the required welding technology and other production steps.
4. Planning and control service together with the supply department:
  • will deliver all necessary components and parts;
  • production will manufacture the equipment in full accordance with the developed documents.
5. QC department together with the Quality Assurance:
  • will monitor the quality of manufacture at all production stages;
  • will carry out tests;
  • will provide the equipment with all necessary supporting documentation.
ВYour non-standard equipment will exactly meet all the specified parameters with guaranteed quality!


Quality control at each stage of production

Explosion resistance test 1
Explosion resistance test 2

Due to a multi-stage system of equipment production control, we produce quality products and fulfill our obligations in a timely manner.

The structure of our company has a dedicated department of licensing and certification of products, so you can be sure that our products comply with all codes and standards.

In-house park of machine tools

Closed production cycle

Quality Management System

Quality control at each stage of production

Certified production

Full set of permits

Development of new products

In-house design-engineering service