X-ray shielded doors

Peculiarities of work
Prices and delivery times of equipment are determined on the basis of the customer's technical assignment
We develop design and process documentation
We carry out tests in accordance with customer product requirements
Complete set, materials, product characteristics are carried out strictly according to the TA
Scope of application
Commercial offer
Radiation-protective and X-ray protective doors are designed to protect premises and personnel from:
  • ionizing radiation;
  • gamma radiation;
  • beta radiation;
  • neutron radiation.
They are used:
  • at industrial enterprises during the conduct of flaw detection;
  • in medical, scientific and other institutions to protect when working with sources of high-power radiation.
  • Peculiarities of X-ray-protective doors manufacturing:
    • are made to individual dimensions in accordance with the design documentation or the actual existing opening;
    • the thickness and material of radiation shielding are selected based on the calculation taking into account the maximum possible permissible weight loads and the radiation type.
    As radiation shielding, the following materials can be used:
    • steel;
    • lead;
    • concrete;
    • polyethylene;
    • barite panels;
    • and others.
    Door design variants:
    • swinging (on hinges);
    • rolling;
    • lifting;
    • door-plug.
    Optional equipment:
    • automatic opening system;
    • various lock options;
    • light and sound alarms;
    • control cabinets can be linked to the general automation system of the chamber, taking into account the interlocks that prevent opening when the source is on, when the ventilation system is tested, the interlocks that prevent the source activation when the door is open, etc.
    Materials resistant to ionizing radiation and resistant to decontamination fluids are selected for finishing.
    Based on your technical assignment, OOO Firma Tehzaschita will estimate, construct, manufacture, install and commission any type of X-ray protective and radiation-protective doors.


Quality control at each stage of production

Explosion resistance test 1
Explosion resistance test 2

Due to a multi-stage system of equipment production control, we produce quality products and fulfill our obligations in a timely manner.

The structure of our company has a dedicated department of licensing and certification of products, so you can be sure that our products comply with all codes and standards.

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Quality control at each stage of production

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